FINAO Professional Services specialises in development and deployment of network/security strategy and solutions for enterprise clients, across local and cloud delivery mechanisims. We work across a number of verticals including, Manufacturing, Construction, Financial and Service Provider. 

Services we provide include:

  • Security health checks
  • Security solution development and implementation
  • Network solution development and implementation
  • Wireless solution development and implementation
  • Strategy development
  • Technology evaluations
  • Technology refreshes
  • PKI technology design/implementation

Our philosophy

  • Business should drive technology -  Solutions need to be based on clear business requirements/outcomes, without these results cannot be measured
  • Solutions need to be practical – if the solution cannot be operated or maintained easily it is not a solution. 
  • Minimise risk – we look to minimise the risk associated with technology change through planning and robust quality processes
  • Partnership – we build partnerships with our clients and are seen as trusted advisors

Track record

Below are some examples of the types of engagements we have delivered.

Large Service Organisation

The organisation provides customer services with the internet and contact centre providing the “face” of the organisation to the general public. These business critical services are delivered from two NZ based data centres that contain the necessary wrap around technology services such as networking and security. The infrastructure platform providing the security aspects posed a number of challenges to the client, these being:

  • The vendor support for the infrastructure was approaching end of life
  • The complexity of the existing architecture did not support future business initiatives
  • The risk of major impact to the business during any technology refresh


FINAO Professional Services were engaged to design, implement the new security infrastructure as well as enabling next generation security features such as Anti-Malware detection/prevention, IPS and SEIM functionality. The engagement had to consolidate multiple legacy security platforms/policies onto a new technology platform while maintaining availability of services and minimising business disruption.

FINAO Professional services delivered the new platform and successfully migrated services onto the new technology platform without causing disruption to the business in a time frame that exceeded the client’s expectations. Planning and quality assurance was the key to this success with the majority of time spent planning and reviewing the complex implementation plans that involved multiple parties.

The key outcomes for the client were:

  • No unplanned business disruption
  • Operational efficiencies due to simplified architecture
  • Improved security posture due to next Gen features in use
  • Minimal disruption to normal operations for the duration of the project (3 months)