Over the last 20+ years the major vendors have promised that implementing and managing IT systems is getting easier.

While there have been major improvements in the ease of creating systems, which at one time would have required a vast army of systems engineers, programmers and operators, the simple fact remains that for IT systems to deliver true business outcomes, they must be well designed, built and operated.

Without these factors IT systems, while appearing to be delivering business value, are fragile, overly complex and expensive to operate.

Vendors will always promote their products and services, sometimes without the client’s best interests in mind, as the prospect of making a sale can override other considerations such as:

  • Integration with current systems
  • Ongoing operational processes and capability
  • Cost effectivness
  • Future implications

FINAO provides this linkage between business and technology to develop an independent non-biased view and acts on behalf of the client to ensure the clients’ best interests are represented and taken into consideration.

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